Five Tips To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Company


As the facility manager and property owner of the Meze Lounge, I’ve learned that it is essential to thoroughly research the cleaning companies we are considering each year to make sure that we choose and hire a company that is not only reputable but which will also deliver the kind of results we want for our business.

With the available options, how will you ensure that the choice you make is the right one?


commercial cleaning and janitorial


1. Look for an Experienced, Well-established Commercial Cleaning Company

Look for a company that is:

  • Well established and has been in the cleaning industry for several years and which possesses the experience, workforce, and skills required to provide a thorough cleaning.
  • Able to clean the different types of buildings you are responsible for as they should be able to handle the cleaning of industrial, offices, institutional, commercial, or high-rise apartments or residential buildings.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, choose a commercial cleaning and janitorial service provider that can help you come up with a customized cleaning routine.

2. Find Out More About the Services the Cleaning Company Provides

Apart from vacuuming and dusting, what other services does the company or companies you are considering provide?

They should be able to provide:

  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Touch-point cleaning
  • Special event cleaning/clean up
  • Power washing
  • Hardwood floor cleaning and/or refinishing
  • Kitchenette Cleanup
  • Garbage Disposal

Hiring a service provider that offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning services will mean that all seasonal and day-to-day cleaning needs are covered.

3. Find Out More About the Company’s Policy on Staff Training Requirements

The cleaning company you are considering should be one that offers its new staff comprehensive training, prepares its workforce to use the latest cleaning equipment and materials, and continually educates them on the latest health and safety protocols and new cleaning techniques.

4. Examine their Standards and Certifications

It is imperative to ensure that the cleaning company you are considering holds the highest certifications and maintains/adheres to stringent standards of cleaning excellence such as the Sunshine Quality Assurance Program. Also, make sure that the company is fully insured and bonded.

Consider how easy it is to communicate with them. To ease things for clients, some cleaning companies use web-based software such as CleanTelligent to record cleaning details such as time and date of inspection, work orders, and inspection results, allowing customers to keep track of their progress when it suits them. Real-time feedback makes it possible for the cleaning company to take action as soon as a problem arises.

5. Find Out If They Are Committed to Green Cleaning

Green cleaning refers to taking a more holistic approach to cleaning and caring for buildings, those inhabiting them, and the environment at large by using materials and practices that are health-and-eco-conscious:
– Packaging and products that meet the set safety and health standards
– Equipment that produces little to no noise pollution
– Microfiber technology to prolong the life of scrubbing pads

Green cleaning not only minimizes the impact cleaning equipment and products have on the environment, but it also reduces the exposure of harmful cleaning residues to humans.

Choosing an experienced and well-established cleaning company is one way to ensure that you get the kind of results you want while ensuring that your buildings look their best always.

The First Virtual Reality Lounge in Toronto, Canada

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Home VR Technology Is Still Prohibitively Expensive

VR isn’t something that is affordable for the average consumer. Thankfully, high prices don’t necessarily have to keep you away from VR. Even if you can’t afford to purchase a personal computer and a VR headset, you should be able to afford to visit this VR lounge.

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As you can see, Toronto’s first VR lounge is a truly spectacular place to visit. This VR lounge is already attracting a tremendous amount of interest. Try to see it as soon as you can!